Game rules

We reserve the right to change/revise/update those rules at a later date, agreeing to those terms also means you agree to all future revisions.

Major offences

  1. No multiple accounts.
  2. No bots.
  3. No adblock.
  4. No scripting.
  5. No PTC/TE traffic.

Or face life-long ban.

Sounds fair?

We also reserve the right to ban you without explainig why.

Don't worry, this is mostly for abusers.

If you're a reasonable person, we'll probably have some form of dialog.

Minor offences

  1. Do not use profanity/slurs in user/squad/planet names.
  2. Try not to insult other players too much.
  3. Do not troll.
  4. Do not use NSFW images as your avatar.
  5. Do not flood the chat/forum (this includes language clause).

For those, we'll flag your account, but not ban it.

Still, collect enough flags and ban will follow.

The language clause goes: speak English! On your private messages, squads and forum boards you can obviously use whatever you like (inluding strong language if your peers don't mind), but all public boards and public chats are in English.

August, 187 years ago: MeshNet is moved to the private sector.