Referrals FAQ

What/who are referrals?

Referrals are players you have invited to play the game using the special, as seen in your account settings.

What is ref.bonus?

Each time your referral withdraws some satoshi you get a percentage of that.

Can I refer myself?

No, because multi-accounts are not allowed by game rules.

Are there any limitations?

Yes. You are not allowed to send generated traffic to us.

By generated traffic, we mean traffic from pay-to-click (PTC) and traffic exchange (TE) websites.

Even if it were allowed, you wouldn't get any meaningful results, as people who come from such sites do not stay to play anyway.

If we detect too much fraudlent traffic from you, you will be banned.

What does "Referral Pending" mean?

We do not send out your referral share immideately, but at 6-hour intervals.

This is done to minimize the API hits we have to make for sending satoshi out.

What are the pre-requsites to receive ref. payouts?

You have to verify your E-Mail. You also have to provide a BTC wallet address to send payments to. You're not required to lock your wallet, but we recommend to do it for your own security.

Do you send ref.payouts directly?

No, your payments will be sent to the FaucetBOX microwallet.

Can I use Paytoshi instead?

Not at the moment, sorry. We might re-evaluate this stance in the future.

Anything else I should know?

Yes. If a player withdraws an amount less than 100 satoshi, you don't get any share at all. This is certainly unfair and we're sorry for that. We're planning to adjust the system so those decimal satoshi are accamulated and are not lost, but at the moment, no such system exists.

Watch this space.

Do you have any promo materials I can use?

Yes, but they are not that great to be honest.

728x90 banner

300x250 banners

200x200 banner

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