Privacy Policy

We'll collect a lot of data about you. We'll track your every move (on this site), to make sure you're not breaking the rules.

Cookies, headers, behavioral patterns, you name it, we'll definitely log all that.

We'll also probably keep it on our servers forever, till times end.

We'll never share any of that data with third parties, or worse, sell any of that.

This data is pretty useless outside of the context of this game anyway (or so we hope).

However, if law enforcement comes to us and politely asks to give anything up — we most certainly will, sorry.

To make such situation unlikely, we specifically don't care about your real name, or phone number, or any other piece of real-world, dangerous information.

So here's the privacy policy in a nutshell. Maybe someone can re-write it in legaleese?


Our site uses cookies. Without cookies it can not function. Cookies are used to:

  • maintain your login session (that's how it works on the web, no exceptions)
  • keep your referrer ID
  • save your username, so you don't have to enter it each time

We can not and do not use cookies to track you across websites.

We also serve ads and some third-party javascript (Google Analytics), that use their own cookies. Those are definitely using cookies to track you. You are free to opt-out of those cookies, but keep in mind, that your account will look a little bit more suspicious to us if you do.

Local storage

Local storage is a technology very similar to cookies. It provides developers an ability to store small pieces of information on users' machines and to retreive it later.

Several features of this game rely on local storage and will not function correctly without it (map notes, hints, chat).

We're not using local storage to track you in any way.

Everything you post in the game (forum) is implied to be released under CC0 license.

(Why? So we can use your story/guide/whatever as an official game material and not worry about getting sued by you).

Data points


Your username is not private. It is displayed prominently in the game, for all other players to see.

After each login, your username is stored in a cookie, for your own convinience.


Your password is stored securely with proper crypto in our database. Even our moderators/admin can't see it.


Your E-Mail is not shown inside the game. We will use it to:

  • reset your password (as you request)
  • send you critical messages about your account

We will not use it to:

  • send game newsletters

We might use a SHA256 hash of your E-Mail to generate avatars. This hash will be visible to other players, but it is extremely unlikely they will be able to reverse it back to your actual E-Mail.

BTC wallet

Your BTC wallet is not shown inside the game. We will use it to:

  • send you payments (as you request)
  • send you referral payments (automatically)
  • reset your password (if you have signed it)


Your Satoshi balance is always private and is not shown to other players in the game.

Total claim amount

Your total claim amount might become a subject for statistics that all players (and even random visitors) could see.

August, 187 years ago: MeshNet is moved to the private sector.