Premium Terms


What is Premium Access?

Premium Access (PA for short) is a "donation with benefits".

What Premium Access is not?

It is not a service. We do not and will not hold any liability if it is not up to your liking. There's no contract to fulfill. We're not selling anything.

It is not a fast-track to enchanced support. We treat all our players equally.

It is not an investement. It will not help you earn more.

Please consider it a donation.

Do I have to buy Premium in this game?

NO! Not only it is not required, the benfits are miniscule and don't alter the gameplay in any serious measure.

How do I pay?

Use the Premium window on your account page. We only accept BTC, so you will have to have a bitcoin wallet somewhere.

Can I pay from my in-game balance?

No, sorry. Only external transactions.

I have paid, but the game has not registered it. Are my coins lost?

NO! Just contact support, state your username and transaction id, and it will be resolved in a very timely manner.

What are the benefits?

  • Remove all ads.
  • CPU rate x10.
  • Ship repair time x1.5, for non-criminals.
  • Coffee beans!
  • Maybe something else, TBD/TBA.

Can I cancel Premium and receive a refund?

No, that is not and will not be possible. Please consider it a donation.


What is coffee?

Coffee is a meta-item that you can't obtain in the game. The only way to get it is by buying Premium. There are currently 3 ways to use it:

  • Drink it, to receive x2 skill gain boost for 1 hour.
  • Share it with colonists to increase morale.
  • Donate it to laboratories to speed-up research.

How much coffee do I get?

1 unit per every day you paid for. So 1 week will give you 7 units.

How do I drink coffee?

Have some in your cargo hold and visit a Bar at a space station. You will see the option to brew and drink it.

Can I sell coffee to other players?

It is not against the rules, so yes. However, you will have to find a way to do it, as CONS Marketplace does not allow bio-materials to be traded.

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