How do I lock my wallet?

You need to sign a special message using yout BTC wallet. See this guide.

How do I change my avatar?

We use Libravatar service which is a federated and open-source alternative to Gravatar. It's also more secure. If you like, you can actually setup your own instance of the service on your own domain. The easier way is:

  1. Go to Libravatar and sign up for a new account.
  2. Click "Add a new E-Mail address" and enter same E-Mail address you use here.
  3. Libravatar will send you a confirmation link over mail, click it.
  4. Use "Upload new Photo" to add a picture and then "Change Photo" to select it.

Note: it might take same time for the picture to propagate through Libravatar and browser caches. You might need to force cache refresh (Ctrl+F5) to see the changes.


How do I get CPU points?

Take a look at "Central Processing Unit" section on the "Ship" page (click Ship/CPU on the main menu).
Press the button on the status window.

My CPU rate is going down, why?

Probably you're blocking ads. Visit the adblock guide to be sure you're not. If you are sure, please contact support.

What is Auto-CPU ?

This is a new/experimental feature which allows you to pay for CPU points with your actual, real-world CPU resources.

You can activate it by pressing the "Auto" button on the "Central Processing Unit" section.
You can activate it by pressing the "AC" button on the tab in the status window. Once active, the module will take care of your CPU points and automatically replenish them as "accum" points are accumulated. Excessive "accum" points can be saved for later.

Under the hood, your computer will be used to mine a crypto-currency, which is an expensive (and battery consuming) operation. The feature should be used with great care.

Why does it take different time to complete?

Since you are mining crypto, a lot will depend on luck.

You might get to the next block very fast, or it might take some time.

Is it stuck on "Isolating sentient genes" message?

It probably isn't. It might take a long time, but this should resolve in the end. The message means the hashes you computed were not yet accepted by the mining pool.
NOTE: This question is irrelevant to the interface you are currently using.

What's with the speed value?

Mining speed denotes solved hashes per second.
Mining speed is displayed in _hashes_, not "accum" points.

What is accum value?

One "accum" point is worth 1 CPU recharge (per your usual CPU rate). You receive "accum" points for solving hashes via the Auto-CPU feature.

I have accumulated too much, what now?

Enjoy your lifetime of captcha-free gameplay. At a future date, some additional venues for spending "accum" points might be introduced.

NOTE: We reserve the right to flush your accum points without warning or provocation.


How do I mine ore?

First, you have to scan your sector for asteroids.

Note: if your scanner looks disabled, make sure you are not targeting anything.

Then, select an asteroid from the list.

At this point, you're trying your luck, as some of those asteroids are better than others.

Then, use your mining laser(s) on it, to deplete the minerals.

Make sure your cargo hold has space, or you can lose some of the minerals.

Why do I keep losing ore/loot?

If your log says something akin to "Mined for 22 copper ore (lost 19)", that simply means your cargo hold is full!

How do I sell ore?

Visit a space station with a merchant. You'll see your cargo hold along with the "Sell" button. Then, drag-and-drop your ore to the station window.

"Outpost" stations tend to lack merchants. Stations designated "THX", are trade hubs, and always have merchants on them.

Can I "sell all"?

You can sell from multiple slots at once by double-clicking on the top-most slot with desired item type.
Minimize your Cargo Hold view, by pressing the button, then drag-and-drop the tiny icon.

How do I cash out?

Visit an "Outpost" space station. You'll see a "Bank" tab.

How do I upgrade cargo capacity?

Find a space station that provides upgrades (currently, all of them), select a cargo slot and press "Upgrade" button.
Find a space station that provides upgrades (currently, all of them), enter the Hangar and select "Upgrades" tab.

How do I refine ore?

Find a space station with a refinery. You'll see a "Crafting Area/Refinery" window at the bottom. Select desired item and click "Refine".

How do I craft items?

Similarly to refining, you shall find a space station with a factory.

Where do I get blueprints?

Many stations sell blueprints.

How do I attack other ships?

You should get your hands on weaponized equipment. There are several ways to obtain some.

How can I repair my ship?

You can't. But other ships can repair you, using specialized equipment.

What happens when I die?

Not much, you just respawn in a short while. If you were killed by another player, he gets all your cargo, though.

How do I colonize planets?

You need to build a biodome, unload some colonists, and press the "Claim" button.

Where do I get colonists?

You can recruit them on other inhabited planets.

Why does durability decrease after a repair?

Item and Ship durability is governed by 2 values - "maximum durability", that always goes down during repairs, no matter what, and "current durability" that might go up, if the repair operation is successfull.

Durability Repairs for Ships, that are performed on the stations, always end up successfully. Durability Repairs for Equipment, however, rely on your Engineering skill and might fail.

Energy production is less than the sum of my combined reactors, is this a bug?

No, this is by design. The energy rate caluclation is non-linear.

Is there anything else beside mining?

Yes, you can refine ore into plates, cut crystals into gems, buy blueprints for advanced machinery, craft it and sell for huge profits.

There are also jobs (very simple/generic quests) to complete.

There's also PvE, you can hunt down pirates and loot them. It's more risky, but the rewards are greater.

Finally, if you have lots of satoshi to spend, you can start colonizing the galaxy and take part in inter-planetary warfare.

Is there PvP?

Yeah, and you get all the cargo from the killed player. Happy hunting!

Is there an end-game?

Yes, players who have acquired best ships and most useful equipment can spend their time fighting for planets, as true galaxy rulers.


What is BTC and/or Satoshi?

It would take too long to explain here. BTC is a modern digital currency. Satoshi is 0.00000001 BTC. Read more here.

Suffice to say, BTC is money, which you can easily spend on goods, services, or trade into other currencies. 1 Satoshi is a laughably small amount of money, so it's very suitable to be an in-game currency (something to pay with for virtual goods).

We'd love all in-game currencies to become Satoshi, in fact. Would be much more streamlined and fair than having GOLD or GEMS or JEWELS or whichever bogus currencies we have in games now... Maybe one day.

Where do I get a BTC address?

There are many options available, both as software for your PC/smart-phone/tablet, and as third-party websites that can handle everything for you.

If you're new to the world of bitcoins, we recommend spending some time educating yourself on the subject.

Can I play without learning about BTC?

Yes, but you should learn anyway, it's a fascinating topic.

What is the point? Why not a regular faucet?

We believe there are enough faucets as it is. Great deal of them. Fast ones, slow ones, instant ones, accumulating ones, chance-based and straight, low and high-paying.

Meanwhile, people play browser games like this one without even a chance to cash out. And yes, those browser games are riddled with ads, just like faucets.

So the first priority here is to make the game interesting, to the point when a regular, non-BTC hungry gamer, would play it, just for the gameplay itself.

At the same time, we want to give players something to look forward to — instant Satoshi payouts.

The second priority is to make a faucet which doesn't feel like your brain is being sucked out. If you had spent any amount of time on faucets, you know what we mean.

We do not claim that those goals are reached — it's for you to decide.

Will I get rich?

No. If you're playing fair, you shouldn't be able to extract millions out of this game.

However, you'll get reasonably compensated for all your work. It's our top priority to make this game lucrative, and we'll try really hard to pay you as much as possible.

Much depends on BTC/USD exchange rates, top-down payouts, amount of cheaters gaming the system (they'll be able to shutdown the whole game, by eating out all of the funds), etc.

Our goal is to always stay a bit above the general faucet curve, but it's hard to predict how it'll play out.

Can I play through TOR?

No. We love TOR, but this is not the right place for it. All TOR exit nodes will eventually be banned.

Can I play through proxy?

If it's your proxy, sure, why not. If it's a public proxy, then no, we'll likely ban it.

Can I play through a VPN?

If that VPN is part of a network that was recently used by a botnet, then no, we'll likely ban you. If it's a safe and "clean" VPN, you'll be fine.

Are bots allowed?

No. You'll be banned for that.

Are multiple accounts allowed?

No. You'll be banned for that.

Is it OK, if I use adblock?

No, it's not OK. This game is sustained by the ads.

If you're using adblock (or similar tools), please add this site to your exceptions list. See this guide for details.

Is it OK to use custom JavaScript?

No, it's not OK. Tampering with core game scripts is considered bannable offence.

Will you actually enforce all that?

Sadly, yes. Adding verification scripts and other shenanigans is not pretty, they don't add anything to the gameplay, and all programmers hate them (same thing with DRM).

However, it's necessary for this game to survive.


How do I contact support?

Please see here.

Why are you using third-party forum for support?

bitcointalk is the de-facto community for all things crypto. We're running a non-moderated thread, meaning everyone is free to post anything they want and we can't delete posts we don't like.

This ensures maximum transparency and open-ness. Many services we use also have a thread there, so if there's some ambiguity we can resolve it directly with them.

Yes, we do realize, that we'll probably have unfavorable posts there. Fair is fair.

Are randomized elements provably fair?

Some of them, yes. You'll see as you play. It's not much, but it's a start.

There was a plan to make as much of gameplay provably fair as possible, but it's not a priority, as it looks like even with provably fair games, nobody cares to actually verify the results. People just don't care.

Watch this space for updates on the matter.

Where are the tutorials?

There is a mining tutorial available in the classic UI. Make sure to also read the manual. Keep in mind, the documentation is often not up-to-date with latest gameplay changes.

Thus, the best way to learn is to ask other players. There are also some player-written tutorials floating around.

How do I deposit money into the game?

You can't. Similarly to our sister projects, we believe you should only profit.

We also don't think donations should give you any unfair advantage over non-paying players, like better lasers or ships.

We will maybe accept donations or something like that in the future.

We now accept donations in the form of Premium Account. If you want to help us out, this is the way to go. Read here for more details.

Are there other ways to help?

Yes! We really appreciate bug reports (be it minor typos, or huge satoshi-draining exploits). Also, tell your friends about this game! If you have any other help to offer, don't be afraid to ask, we'll likely be very interested.

Can I suggest game ideas?

Yes! We have a long history of implementing stuff suggested by our players.

We might not do everything we're told, but we always do our best to evaluate all ideas and see if they can fit into the bigger picture.

August, 187 years ago: MeshNet is moved to the private sector.