Adblock Guide


When you block ads on this site, there is a risk of your account getting banned.

Nowdays, many neat programs protect you from ads, sometimes without you even knowing it.

If you have adblock, or similar tools, you should add SatoshiGalaxy to the exception list.

Ad placement

All ads on SatoshiGalaxy are explicitly marked as such, with the word "Advertisement".

If there is nothing inside those page blocks, you're definitly bocking ads.

Missing Ad

Ad example


Do you see it?


Firefox Tracking Protection

If you're using the Private browsing feature in Firefox, you probably have Tracking Protection enabled.

Firefox Tracking Protection

Please click Disable protection for this session button, or don't use Private browsing mode at all.


Ghostery is browser extension, that protects you from tracking sites and cookies.

As collaterral damage, ads are blocked by it too.


Find the Ghostery icon (little blue ghost) on your browser toolbar and click it.

There, please select Whitelist Site.

Adblock Plus (Firefox)

Adblock Plus is the most popular ad-blocking tool on the web right now.

Adblock Plus offers 2 layers of protection to its users: "content blocking" and "element hiding".

Content blocking works on an per-URL basis and stops remote resources from loading. For example, it could detect an URL like "" and stop it from loading.

Element hiding works differently - it finds suspicious elements on webpages and hides them from view. So they still exist, but are not visible to end-user.

DUE TO A BUG1 in Adblock Plus implementation in Firefox, whitelisting a site does not disable element hiding feature.

Therefore, when you click Disable on button in ABP menu, it only allows content blocking to go through, but element hiding is still in effect.


If you follow those steps, you'll cripple your adblock somewhat. Consider temporarily turning it off (Disable everywhere - that works) as an alternative.

Hopefully they'll make it easier in the future, but for now, you have to do this:

  • Make sure Adblock Plus is on.
  • Go to (it's an official site of Adblock Plus team, nothing to worry about).
  • Find and download "EasyList without element hiding".

EasyList website screenshot

  • Now, open Filter preferences... window from Adblock Plus menu.

Adblock Plus menu screenshot

  • There, disable the regular EasyList, and enable "EasyList without element hiding".

Adblock Plus menu screenshot

  • Finally, you can whitelist sites! (See below)

Adblock Plus (other UAs)

If you have followed the above Firefox guide, or are not using Firefox at all, whitelisting a website in Adblock Plus is as easy as:

Adblock Plus

Find the extension icon on your browser toolbar and click it.

There, please select disable on


All similar tools should have similar interface for exception list management. The idea is that you allow satoshigalaxy to show ads, while still blocking the rest.

If a sysadmin at your workplace blocks ads via proxy or DNS, you can't do much about it. You shouldn't be playing on your job anyway.

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