avatar pcjob
2016-11-08 09:50:44

Hi everyone,

I just wish to inform you all that I had to contact both FaucetBox & Xapo because I didnt receive a payment from FaucetBox

I am not sure if this is about FaucetBox or Xapo but I hope I will get an answer to my questions very soon.

I hope they are getting to me asap as I am not sure which may be the problem, if is Xapo or FaucetBox because they always proved to be both reliable in the past.

Best regards

I see that it takes up to 48 hours for a transaction to appear, so I apologize for this report.

Payment received: previously it took much less time, I got the satoshi this morning. Lately it is taking almost 48h, confirmed from some other user, so it wasnt expected by me and got a bit worried.

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