avatar hexiuss
Apprentice Solderer
2016-10-27 17:28:11
  1. mine copper in orange areas
  2. craft pcb's
  3. put on market (price is irrelevant)
  4. immediately recall from market so it ends up in storage (repeat until you have full cargo and full storage)
  5. fly far into red space
  6. claim and sell to npcs for profit
avatar przemax
Adept Pilot
2016-10-29 11:26:37

or you can talk to some players that are on red area and let them sell those materials. Guys. Try to coop with eachother.

avatar hexiuss
Apprentice Solderer
2016-10-29 20:43:12

let them sell? as in give/sell them the pcb's?

avatar przemax
Adept Pilot
2016-10-30 10:34:01

Talk to other players. Put pcbs on the market. They buy it and resell those. You both profit. Additionaly that way you increase your trade skill so you have more storage to place even more pcbs. Its +1 market slot overy level of trade. At lvl 10 trade you have 15 market slots compared to 5 at 0 lvl trade. Its three times more possible profit. having only 40 pcbs and flying to red sector gives you almost nothing. Lets assume you have a price bigger by 15. Its only 600 satoshis. When you have 15 market slots 120 units of pcb means a 1800 satoshi gain.

Guys you can have 35 market slots at trade lvl 30. 35 slots with above strategy is 4200 satoshis by trading the most basic product in the game. Imagine some better electronics or components. You can do insane things and profit a lot. So just fking TRADE! Thats my advice.

avatar hexiuss
Apprentice Solderer
2016-11-05 03:43:52

thank you^^ I guess I'll price cheaper on market for trade skill.

avatar baksa77
ePay Champion
2016-12-25 09:36:02

How to increase the number of slots in the market?

avatar jbit
2016-12-26 01:47:09

On 2016-12-25 09:36:02 UTC baksa77 wrote:

How to increase the number of slots in the market?

Get Trading skill points. I know you get points for selling in the market. Do you also get points when buying?

avatar onlinedigger
Novice Charger
2016-12-28 14:21:47

On 2016-10-30 10:34:01 UTC przemax wrote:
... flying to red sector gives you almost nothing....

Navigaion and Evading are useful too) But yes, lets trade!

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