avatar robbro
Apprentice Navigator
2016-06-11 07:56:03

Seek me out in GPD space and ask about the Runners' Union.

The RU is a squad I started to welcome new players, like myself, and help people out.

We can learn together as a team the things even I don't know yet.

More important for you, though, is that I have two weaponized mining lasers to help you get through a tough sector in CONS space or null sec. Furthermore, I have a decent area of safe galaxy explored and can easily give directions to new players. If available, I will escort you on runs if you need the help.

The name comes from the highly profitable beginner profession of running mesh node deliveries around the galaxy.

Remember, make it a habit to dock or go planetside as soon as you enter CONS space or null sec, and the higher the pay, the more dangerous the mission.

Contact Captain RobBro of the ship Halcyon to join up.

avatar robbro
Apprentice Navigator
2016-06-11 20:58:34

To further facilitate ease of communications, I can also be contacted on Kik at http://kik.me/capt.robbro

avatar john
2016-07-12 13:39:07

I'm interested in joining if you're still active

avatar opositor
2016-08-03 13:12:24

I am interested too

avatar cosmicdust777
2016-10-02 15:18:00

Is this squad still active?

avatar skudwarrior
Apprentice Prospector
2017-07-23 09:17:14

i would love to join.

avatar liraku
Aspiring Criminal
2018-04-27 23:28:16

im interested also

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