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2018-03-30 04:15:15

Hello :)
@ toecutter "For bugs, try to include a reproduction sequence (if triggering requires multiple steps)." If I had/have bug which can't reprduse/explain, but may get extra something, is I bug user?
Well for rocket mining was simple, I knew it and do not report, how often I used this bug? About 5 rockets :)

I noticed, that "Mothership" in pink more likely give keys if it attacked by Mass Driver. Kakucis attacked one with everything: beams, spitters, rockets and ancient laser and got no key. In other side I attacked with only mass driver (2 hits enough) and got key. Such strategy I recomend to kakucis and, having only 2 motherships in system, both of us got keys. In Ruchba this id do not work) 2 Admirals, 2 keys, but no Ubik. Bug? Too low appearence?

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