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2017-09-04 20:17:33

My first few things i learned as a newbie that might help those after me.

first explore a bit when you get to orange sectors jump back, go to a GDP station else you get blown up and end up at sol again! being blown up aint bad, you only get 30 minitus penalty. When youve have explored a little bit mine at the orange sector as long as posible. this will train your evade and mining skils.

Just sell what you get or smeld to plates. dont worrie to much about the price you get. eacht 120 satoshi should be spend on cargohold upgrades.

Once all hold can hold 8 spaces you can realy mine the ore of the larger astroids. Also it tooks me some time to figure out, but if you select cargo at the top (ship dropdown) there are small arows. if its highlighted the cargo merged will go there. so if you merge it to an eamthy spot you can more ore that is rare to a small corgo hold to favor a larger cargo hold for say 'copper' for instance.

When you have upgraded most of your hold it might be a goodtime to look at the used equipment.

better scanners give you a bit more time to mine an astroid.

if you buy a beamer weapon it does 15 points damage, and has 5 minutes cooldown
am energy spitter is also a weapon and i like more. it has a low damage 4 i believe, but cooldown just 2 minutes. You only get exp for a hit so better 2 hits in 4 minutes then 1 in 5!

An extra engion might also be nice, it alows you to travel 2 systems in one go, or a system and then a station to dock for savety. a good tactic is also if you are in a green sector going into an orange is to travel to the jump point. but only jump after the engions have cooled down. that way you can either trevel to 2nd jump point or the savety of a planet or station.

also if you sell things on the market, at first sell cheap and fast. every sell gains you skill and more skill means more slots to sell from. Strangely enough you dont gain skill from buying. Game must be designed by a man ;)

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