avatar coco2tutunio
Purple Heart
2017-04-21 20:04:59

Hello adventurers, traders and newbies!

I'm a Pirate menace and they hate my guts. I'm way in the heart of Pirate lands and I'm getting the loot back that they took from famous innocent NPC Truckers and other dum-dum travelers.

Now this is a dangerous job and sometimes moving to a station ain't the best of options, so I'd rather just spread the bread around.

Almost all the stuff I get from pirates I'll sell on the market at half or even lower of the NPC price average of that day. So keep an eye on the market and on the NPC price on your stations (best prices in red zones, of course) and you might get yourself a simple but good deal just by buying from the CONS marketplace and selling to a CONS station, oh the irony.

This shouldn't break the market since I do not waste those bastards as often as I would love to, but nonetheless I hope you will find it profitable.


Note: Gold, Argentum and other rare items are sold at different rates, but still good deals, yum-yum!

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