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2017-02-20 05:05:35

Hey guys, since our objective to be the first to warp drive worked out, I wanted to report on the success of our planets in relation to our theory that the planets you need warp drive to get to might be more fertile than the inner system planets.

So far I've only fully discovered 2 of the planets, but the results are promising. My earthlike in Segin has a ridiculous +60 population modifier, and it's best resource is emerald at moderate, which is tremendous pace for a valuable resource like emerald.

My mercury type planet in Segin ended up with high timonium being the best, which isn't unprecedented but is certainly a very nice find.

I haven't been able to ascertain my ice planet in Segin yet, it has sapphire but I haven't gone back yet to see the rate on it.

Of course you also know about the ancient item that seems to come with a warehouse on the planet. Interestingly enough I got ancient powercell's on two of them, and a dilithium crystal on the other one, so it's not guaranteed to be an ancient item.

The next phase of course is to continue to divvy up the assets in that system in an organized fashion. We all have our earthlikes and initial planets it seems, but I think we should begin to divvy up the rest of the loot.

I think we should all put in our ideas for what we want to do and then decide from there. Water planets are generally shit, but I'm willing to roll the dice on tabit II and see if the water ones out here are better than the inner system ones. I'd also like to claim one of the fiery planets in Mizar. I think that's my lot, we're all shooting for 5 planets a piece with 1 earthlike each, so that's where I'm casting my vote.

Let me know what you guys think.

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