avatar jbit
2017-01-13 02:04:45

I took a deliver message job that said it would expire in 4 hours. I made four jumps to get to the destination (20 minutes). When I arrived at the station I did not get credit. The job was just gone.

avatar lucrece
2017-03-28 11:26:52

Same here with 2 deliver message jobs, i dock to the station with 4 hours left, i didn't get the credit, and the jobs are gone.

avatar mario098760
Beta Tester
2017-04-09 19:57:16

This is also happening to me, it must be a game issue.

avatar arx3bv
2017-05-05 03:59:24

. I think that job-timer and physical(real/system) time are not the same.

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