avatar pcjob
2016-12-10 13:16:23

Hello to every Legendary Darkness one,
if any member of Legendary Darkness squad wish to own an extra MK1 or lnz laser I will do it for free accordingly to the materials needed.

I do this because I wish also improve my crafting skills.

Additionally since I am pretty apprentice about crafting, you should bring some extra material just for safety.

What I need to craft a std laser? The following list include some extra to cover burn risks
- 10 small casing (or 20 nikel plates)
- 12 argentum alloy
- 12 40 nm pcb
- 20 iron plates
- 10 emeralds crystals

Do you want to upgrade your lasers with a lnz version?
Just bring me a ln laser and a rootkit.

Contact me ingame.

Best regards

I wrote this here because i wasnt able to open a thread in the Legendary Darkness forum section.

avatar nagarjuna
2017-04-27 01:05:53

Are u stil crafting for free for new squad members?If yes,I want MLKz laser.

avatar skudwarrior
Apprentice Prospector
2017-08-16 16:22:51

I would love to join a squad

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