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2016-06-25 21:17:08

Welcome to SatoshiGalaxy forum! We're pleased to have you here!

Here's our TODO list:

  • <s>Implement basics.</s>
  • <s>Add ACL.</s>
  • <s>Add moderators.</s>
  • <s>Make "edit post" page.</s>
  • <s>Add squad boards.</s>
  • <s>Add "sticky" threads.</s>
  • <s>Add "locked" threads.</s>
  • Improve styles.

This forum uses markdown (instead of commonly used bbcode) as it's lightweight
markup language. All markdown features (and more) are supported.

Please keep in mind: this forum is NEVER going to compete with major software packages,
like phpBB or SMF, even at it's finest, it's going to be very very simple and rudimentary.

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